21st Century Paleopathology: Integrating Theoretical Models with Biomedical Advances

Jane E. Buikstra, Elizabeth W. Uhl


Prospect of Paleopathological Research on the Forensic Work Records of Joseon Dynasty Period in Korea

Dong Hoon Shin, Seonguk Hong, Chang Young Kim, Seung Jic Hong, Ho Chul Ki, Soong Deok Lee, Jieun Kim


In search of earliest records of endemic plague: Past research and new endeavors

Mark Simon, Quanchao Zhang, Martin Sikora, Hugh Willmott, Sharon DeWitte, Qian Wang

Case Study

A Fragment of Mandible with Cut Wounds Excavated from a Boundary Ditch in the Grounds of a Samurai Residence of the Fukui-Jo Castle

Shiori Fujisawa, Yumiko Oyabu

Original Article

Taphonomic observation of Jomon human skeletal remains from Haioku-bo (abandoned house burials) of the Ubayama shell mound, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Marimo Minagawa, Osamu Kondo