From Excavation Site to Reburial Ground: A Standard Protocol and Related Ethics of Mummy Studies in South Korea 

Oh, C. S., Hong, J. H., Park, J. B., Lee, W.-J., Bianucci, R., Piombino-Mascali, D., Shin, D. H.

 Original Article

Effects of ritual tooth extraction on development of mandibular torus in Jomon people of Japan 

Kataoka, S., Iwasaki, M., Takahashi, T., Tsuruta, M., Kakuta, S., Soh, I., Aosai, T.

 Original Article

A case of a stone spear embedded in the second lumbar vertebral body - Okinoharu Yayoi ruins, Amakusa, Japan

Wakebe, T., Saiki, K., Ogami-Takamura, K., Tashiro, K., Naito, Y., Tsurumoto, T.

Case Study

Early-modem human bones indicate features of DISH

Fujisawa, S., Oyabu, Y., Fujita, H.

Case Study

The frequency of conical incisors in the Edo period of Japan

Fujita, H., Oguma, M., Eguchi, K., Fujisawa, S., Oyabu, Y., Nomura, K.