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Volume 2, March 2018


From Excavation Site to Reburial Ground: A Standard Protocol and Related Ethics of Mummy Studies in South Korea 

Oh, C. S., Hong, J. H., Park, J. B., Lee, W.-J., Bianucci, R., Piombino-Mascali, D., Shin, D. H. 


Original Article

Effects of ritual tooth extraction on development of mandibular torus in Jomon people of Japan 

Kataoka, S., Iwasaki, M., Takahashi, T., Tsuruta, M., Kakuta, S., Soh, I., Aosai, T. 

A case of a stone spear embedded in the second lumbar vertebral body - Okinoharu Yayoi ruins, Amakusa, Japan

Wakebe, T., Saiki, K., Ogami-Takamura, K., Tashiro, K., Naito, Y., Tsurumoto, T.


Case Study

Early-modem human bones indicate features of DISH

Fujisawa, S., Oyabu, Y., Fujita, H.

The frequency of conical incisors in the Edo period of Japan

Fujita, H., Oguma, M., Eguchi, K., Fujisawa, S., Oyabu, Y., Nomura, K.

Volume 1, March 2017

Inaugural Message 

Suzuki, T.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief 

Fujita, H.



The Scientific and Ethical Background of the Invasive Studies on the Korean Mummies of the Joseon Dynasty

Kim, Y.-S., Kim, M. J., Hong, J. H., Oh, C. S., Bianucci, R., Shin, D. H.

Dawn of Paleopathology in Japan 

Suzuki, T.


Original Article

Dental caries prevalence in Xiongnu population from Mongolia: Age, sex, and regional variation

Myagmar, E.


Brief Communication

Healed femoral fracture, from the 10th century Ohotsk culture, excavated from the Hamanaka 2 site located on Rebun Island, Hokkaido, Japan

Fujita, H., Nomura, K., Fujisawa, S.

A cranium with Buddhist scripture written in India Ink from medieval Kamakura, Japan

Nagaoka, T., Hirata, K.


Material Report(資料紹介)

A Preliminary Analysis of the Paleopathological Features of the Ancient Dog (no.1) from Suwada Area No.6 site, Chiba Prefecture in Japan


 Yamazaki, K.




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